Fox & Co AestheticsElise Fox:
Advanced Aesthetic RN / Director of Fox & Co Aesthetics

My vision is to create a relaxed and professional environment at Fox & Co Aesthetics, that encourages people to be open about their aesthetic desires. Treatments are tailored to each individual client. Over the years, I have built strong relationships with all my patients and hope to be able to continue to provide them with as much care as they have given me. I love to educate my clients to ensure that they have full understanding of the treatments they are undertaking, and what cosmetic outcomes can be expected.

Determining the appropriate treatment is a highly personalised process.

I understand that trying to interpret what’s right for you can feel very overwhelming, given the exhaustive range of treatments on the market.

My extensive knowledge and experience does the work for you. I take care of the overwhelm by guiding my clients through a process that will clarify the appropriate treatment/s for the results you want.

About Elise

Elise Fox is an Advanced Aesthetic RN who has been in the nursing profession since 2005.

Her career began as a Personal Carer, then an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse where she specialised in Cardiology & respiratory care.

In 2011, she became a Registered Nurse after graduating at the University of Wollongong with a distinction average.

After graduating, Elise worked at a Private Hospital in Sydney where she continued to broaden her skillset across medical, surgical and recovery.

Elise then followed her dreams and became the leading Practice Nurse for two plastic surgeons, which further instilled her passion for the cosmetic and aesthetic field.

Elise has had extensive one on one training through Juvae, and has 9 years clinical experience as a Cosmetic Injector.

Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of Elise’s desire to provide the latest, innovative and safest cosmetic services, and each year to aid her professional development she participates in workshops, online courses, hands on training & conferences. In her spare time she trains and mentors her colleagues as she believes in keeping the industry standards high.

Elise had a large client base in Sydney and in 2017 relocated with her family to Port Macquarie where she has gained the trust of many loyal clients on the Mid North Coast at Fox & Co Aesthetics.

Elise is a perfectionist with an eye for detail ensuring that her clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Her focus is natural beauty, and her approach is always “less is more!”

She is located on Clarence Street, Port Macquarie.

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